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4 Summer Night Shows – Split 2022

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Windy Lands Thrilling News with Icekeller

CAC Split: BOB baby, judge Marit Sunde (NO)

CACIB Split Winner: BOB baby, judge Timothy Thomas (AU)

CAC Split: BOB Baby, judge: Gerard Jipping

At the Summer Night Shows in Split, little Tillie (Windy Lands Thrilling news - with Icekeller) was shown for the first time and rocked the ring. She won Baby Class three days in a row under the honorable and knowledgeable but strict judges Marit Sunde (Norway), Timothy Thomas (Australia) and Gerard Jipping (Netherlands), whom I admire and respect very much. She received very nice descriptions and comments. Unfortunately, we did not wait for BIS as it started way too late (cca 1 am) for our sleepy pups. A big thank you to the judges for giving our puppy such a wonderful experience in the ring! It was a pleasure to show her!

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