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Apr 14, 2022

Lina has become a grandma, while the boys from the "R" litter have become cheeky teenage uncles!

On the 15th of April 2022, our Aida delivered her first litter - 6 early Easter Bunnies, sired by Tin Tin (Ch Toonian Train Of Thought). This time we decided to do something special and experimental and mated our Aida with a wonderful smooth collie Tin Tin. What was our goal? To expand the genetic diversity of our lines and implement some of the qualities that Tin Tin's line has - the great size, fantastic character, angulation, excellent tail carriage, body, movement and to get the CEA free gene from another line.

We have 3 tricolour girls, 2 blue girls and a very special blue prince. The blues have inherited their mommy's perfect blue colour. All puppies are huge (each almost 400 g at birth) and in my eyes remarkable, extremely strong, very lively and a real fighters for milk. All are genetic CEA carriers and DM non-carriers. Their sire Tin Tin carries the rough gene, so the puppies may either be roughs or smooths (chances are 50:50). I think the litter is very special because it is unique in our part of Europe and also in Slovenia.

The litter was made in cooperation with Windy Lands - Mojca Furlan, who successfully endeavoured to make this mating officially possible. At this point, I would like to thank her for the mentorship, for all the valuable knowledge and everything I learned. I would also like to thank Tin Tin's owner, Nina Zubrinic, and our breeding committee for making this litter possible.

Aljaž Tratnik, Icekeller

More about a mommy Aida:

2 hours after the birth:

Puppies 3 days old:

5th day after birth:

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