We are Aljaž Tratnik and Barbara Potočnik. We live with our dogs in a house surrounded by forest in Slovenia, Carinthia region. All our dogs are a part of our family, loved and well taken care of.

Our goal is to breed and show healthy and stable dogs that meet the FCI standard, which are characterised by the strength of character and drive, and which have also been thoroughly tested for health. We strive for a dog with a sound body, correct colour and a dog with a true collie character, which is first and foremost a loyal family dog, but can also be used well in disciplines such as sheep herding, dog shows, obedience, etc.

All our brood females have a well-developed herding instinct for sheep.

Why Icekeller? Because our house is located above the beautiful Ajskeler gorge, where our furry friends bathe in the summer =)


We believe that it is essential for dogs to grow up in a stimulating environment. Our puppies are socialised based on programs such as Puppy Culture, Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction. They are accustomed to other dogs and different noises from the beginning (e.g. storms, car rides, different surfaces). Our puppies are fed with homemade food containing all kinds of ingredients (e.g. goat milk products, Slovenian meat of the highest quality, vegetables, fruits, and cereals) and quality kibble. 


​- receive FCI pedigrees

- are at least 8 weeks old when they leave us

- are fed with high-quality puppy food and with homemade-prepared food (e.g. goat milk products, Slovenian meat of the highest quality, vegetables, fruits, cereals)

- are microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed multiple times

- are clinically eye tested for hereditary eye diseases